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May 2019
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Hollywood can be a scary place, which makes it perfect for actor Carlson Young. The Fort Worth native is well-known within the horror genre for starring in two seasons of Scream, MTV’s television adaptation of Wes Craven’s iconic slasher franchise. But Young decided she no longer wanted to live or die according to someone else’s script. She had her own nightmare to share — specifically The Blazing World, a psychological

Feb 2018
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After 10 years of acting, Carlson Young had a story she just wanted to tell herself. The star of MTV’s Scream TV series and Groundhog Day sex comedy Premature, Young wrote, directed and starred in the short The Blazing World which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. In The Blazing World, Young plays Margaret, a high school girl plagued by nightmares of a swirling black hole and a mysterious old

Jan 2018
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Filmmaking is a dream for many, but for Scream: The TV Series actress Carlson Young, that idea took on a whole new meaning. Making her filmmaking debut with the Sundance-premiering horror/fantasy short The Blazing World, Young was inspired by “off-putting and strange” imagery that came to her in recurring dreams in the wee hours of the night, while shooting in Louisiana. Loosely based on the filmmaker’s experiences, the short’s protagonist

Nov 2017
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When starlet Carlson Young isn’t in bed watching Netflix with her Instafamous cats, she’s busy writing, traveling… and wishing she was a Harry Potter wizard. With her busy schedule, it’s no surprise that her brain operates at a million miles a minute when she hits the sheets. But for Young — a.k.a Brooke Maddox on MTV’s hit series Scream — her success depends on her sleep. “I love to sleep,

Oct 2017
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Chances are you recognize Carlson Young from one thing or another…or another. She’s played memorable roles in True Blood, Pretty Little Liars, Key and Peele and most recently in MTV’s reboot of Scream as Brooke Maddox—AND so much more. But, her home is full of more than just scattered scripts, she’s also studying creative writing, creating her own short films and reveling in the music-making of her husband Isom Innis

Jul 2017
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As every seasoned actor in Lalaland knows, life after a major series is never easy, but when you are as drop-dead gorgeous and talented as Carlson Young, life is never boring for long. So when MTV decided to completely reboot Scream, the series she starred in, with a whole new cast, Carlson decided to explore her artistic passions. For Carlson that meant bringing alive Margaret Cavendish’s classic novel The Blazing

Mar 2017
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The Scream star talks about her Foster the People fiancé and their upcoming nuptials. Modern-day brides and grooms are busier than ever, but when a couple is trying to balance filming schedules with global tours, a romantic relationship can be especially tricky. However, “Scream” actress Carlson Young and Foster the People’s Isom Innis are making it happen. With just a few weeks left until their April wedding, we caught up